Australian National Tournament Report – 55 Player Final Way of The Force Tournament

Written by Desmond Brophy

Despite being one of the last National events in the WOTF(Way of the Force) meta, Australia had some interesting results. Day 1 saw 55 players duke it out with most of the field being either on a Kylo – Tormented One variant (around 14 Snoke or Pryce flavored) or Hero Blue variant (which included eLuke3/eEzra2/Built to Last, eLuke3/eYoda/Stolen Intel, eYoda/Rey/Ezra2, ePlo/Padawan/Ezra2, and eRey2/eAayla). Snoke vehicles were well represented with eSnoke/Aphra/Battle having 5 players, eSnoke/Ciena/Talzin having 4, and eThrawn/eSnoke having 3.

Pretty standard so far but there was also a resurgence of the old staple eYoda/eHondo (one of my favorites as it won me a regional championship and my deck ended up on The Hyperloops gauntlet), which was well represented at the top tables. There were also the odd DJ/Aphra/Battle as well as some true oddballs like eKylo1/eHondo, eBo-Katan/Jedi Sentinal, eSabine/Rebel Trooper, Rieekan/Anakin/Jedi Sentinel, and one of the top 8 who ran eYoda/Cassain/Rookie Pilot to a 4th place Swiss finish.

The top cut was top 8 which meant most of it need X-1 to secure a spot. Here are the decks that made it.



The top 8:

eKylo2/ePryce (Almo) vs eSnoke/Aphra/Battle (Luke W) – with eKylo2/ePryce winning 2-1

eYoda/eHondo (Luke B) vs eSnoke/Aphra/Battle (Desmond) – with eYoda/eHondo taking the win 2-1

eSnoke/Ciena/Talzin (Zac) vs eSnoke/Aphra/Battle (Blake) – eSnoke/Aphra/Battle won 2-0

eYoda/Cassian/Rookie (Paul) vs eKylo2/eSnoke (Mathew) – the rogue eYoda/Cassian/Rookie got there 2-1

The Top 4

eKylo/ePryce (Almo) vs eYoda/Cassian/Rookie (Paul) – Paul took this 2-1

eYoda/eHondo (Luke B) vs eSnoke/Aphra/Battle (Blake) – Blake won 2-1

The Top 2

The finals saw eYoda/Cassian/Rookie vs eSnoke/Aphra/Battle which Blake won 2-0 to claim the Australian Nationals Championship for the second year in a row.

Congrats to Blake and the top 8 and now we have Across the Galaxy and a new meta to look forward to, enough of Snoke I say!



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