Meta Breakdown

The 2018 Store Championship Report, Week 3: The One Week Meta


Welcome everyone to week 3 of the 2018 Store Championship Report. Way of the Force is here, and with it comes a new meta. While the new meta is now upon us, a fair look at the new meta game will be delayed one week due to the recently announced Balance of the Force changes. While this article will stand alone, it will help give us a glimpse into the future of the Way of the Force meta game.

Total Number of Reported Standard Store Championships: 28 (+ 11)
Total Number of Reported Standard Store Championships in This Article: 7
Average Attendance: 18.96 (+0.02)
Total number of Trilogy Store Championships not shown: 1

Store Championship Survey
2018 Road to Store Championship Victory Brackets, 5 results reported (Update coming soon)
Last Week’s Report, 17 results reported

Semifinalists (8)Finalists (8)Winners (7)

Semifinalists (9)Finalists (9)Winners (8)


Affiliation & Deck Colors:
Semifinalists (1)Finalists (1)Winners (1)

Affiliation & Character Lineup:
Semifinalists (2)Finalists (2)Winners (2)

Affiliation, Character Lineup, & Deck Colors:
Semifinalists (3)Finalists (3)Winners (3)


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