Tournament Report from the Galactic Qualifier At The Cascade Games Tabletop Weekend In Seattle WA

Written by Daaneskjold

Hi fellow Destiny players,
As some of you know, the Seattle Galactic Qualifier just took place. Overall, it was a blast, and another chance to roll dice, have fun, nab some cool swag and prove myself against some of the best players in the area.

My main goal for the weekend, outside of winning of course, was to get at least 2 spot glosses for my collection. I was aiming for Tarkin and Palpatine – those evil bosses look awesome and they would make a good addition to my collection.

The last week heading to the GQ I put a lot of practice with the decks I felt more comfortable with. I had a couple options for each event and I did not decide on one until the moment I started filling the decklists.


My 2 options for this event were eTarkin/eAphra and eYoda/ePoe2. I almost had my choice forced here because when I was actually building the decks the night before, I realized I only had one Slave 1 (replaceable) and one Bartering – in my opinion, cheap upgrades are a must in this deck. You need those extra dice for the power action, and there are no good replacements for a cost 1 Yellow/Red upgrade.

I definitely was not playing this deck if I could not get my hands on one. Reached out to a couple friends and they did not have any extras. I decided to put the rest of the deck together thinking I could play it in a pod even if it was not my optimized build – subbed the Bartering for a Droid Commandos (not very good on my tests but that was the only other usable thing) and had a couple Shrapnel Blasts on the side in case i saw a bunch of 2 characters lists.

I got to the venue a bit late, I think I might have made people wait a bit. To my good luck, one of my friends actually had an extra Bartering on him. So it was on! Pulled my deck together and got ready for the games.

A couple notes about my current eTarkin/eAphra build.

  • After all my playtesting I decided I don’t like Launch Deck. Usually the deck is very slow and it can be a hindrance against faster decks. A lot of the fast decks in this meta just want to abuse Outer Rim Outpost which puts you in a not so good position. So I decided to use Petranaki Arena, which I think is an awesome option if you are using really offensive decks like this. Either they won’t use the effect on claim or you do a small trade. On average I think I was doing 7-8 damage on my first turn vs 5-6 so I think giving the shields might not have been a really big deal, although my 2 losses tell contradictory stories about this. More on this later.
  • I feel like 2 Free for All are mandatory. This card outright wins games. If you think this works well in 5 die villain(eMother/eBala/Trooper), it is the the MVP runner up here. Who is the MVP? BT-1! The card is bonkers! A pseudo Backup Muscle  that synergizes with Dr. Aphra, Bubble Shield, has an extra die for Tarkin and a decent 3 for 1 damage. The best card in the deck by far.
  • Still on the fence about Slave I. It is a free reroll – got me a couple free removals during the whole tournament – not consistent though. Might practice more using 1 Slave 1 and 1 Ark Angel.

Got a bit unlucky here and got paired against a friend that is one of my most frequent TTS practice buddies. I got BT-1 and cheap upgrades early and he did not draw into enough mitigation to keep his characters alive.
WIN 1-0

Fun fact – at this point, 3 of the 6 players in the top 3 tables were using eTarkin/eAphra 😀
Got paired against one of the top players in our area, I think I haven’t beat him yet in the tournaments we have played each other. The last 2 games have been incredibly close, and this was no exception. It all came down to me setting up exact lethal with Free for All, and him making the right read and resolving a shield die on his Poe instead of going for the focus side to setup lethal himself. Besides, I had to go through his 2 Bubble Shields in my first 2 turns – probably the best card against this deck.

Also, in this game I won the roll and gave him his battlefield (Outer Rim Outpost), and he claimed all rounds but 1 which really put me behind in ramp. Probably not the best option in hindsight. It sucks to lose the 6-0 chance this early, and by 1 HP to boot, but it was a hell of a game.
LOSS 1-1

Another great player from the area that is very active on the various discord channels. This snowballed in a round 2, when I was able to remove both Yoda dice, and he rerolled 3 times into all paid sides for Zeb. Yoda died next turn and it was all uphill from that point, finishing in style with a 6 damage Free for All.
WIN 2-1

Yay! A mirror match! We were no longer in the top tables tho 😦  . He got a round 1 Droid Commandos vs a very weak field on my side with only BB-8E, however my rolls were really good compared to his and I drew my Bubble Shields. Got a bit ahead as the game progressed and was able to steal the victory on a 5 die Free For All.
WIN 3-1

My last match of the main event was against the 6-0 winner of the Standard event. He won the initial roll and interestingly enough, chose my battlefield vs his (Outer Rim Outpost). It was a back and forth game but the rolls were not with me this time, and he used the Petranaki Arena perfectly to accelerate the kill on my Tarkin. Ended up losing by 2 hp, and wondering if it had been a different story had he used his battlefield. Probably not though. It was a great game anyways.
LOSS 3-2


  • On my first pod I decided to play ePoe2/eYoda – my option B and the deck that took the event home. Finished 1-2, confirming my pick of going with most comfortable deck.
  • On my second pod I played eAphra/eTarkin again, going 3-0. I got really close to losing my second match vs a SoCal kid that traveled all the way here with his dad for the event. He was playing hero vehicles, and this was my favorite game of the weekend by far. Cody and Ray are awesome and definitely hope to meet them at another event in the future. Game 3 was vs the same eTarkin/eAphra from the main event, winning with a cheeky 1 die Free For All 🙂


  • I think 0-0-0 will go in immediately in place of the Slave 1s. Also 1 copy of the Hailfire Droid Tank. I really want to try Delve/Planetary Bombardment but that might be better suit to Thrawn than Tarkin. Still will experiment with it, and revisit the removal which might be the weakest part of the Red/Yellow villain combination.

This got me enough tickets for a spot gloss Tarkin, so 50% of the weekend prize objectives were complete. After the pods, one of my friends sold me 4 leftover tickets for cheap, leaving me with 8 extra for the following day.



My 2 options for this day were eYoda/eHondo (which I used for my first Galactic Qualifier ever at Portland, with a very lackluster 0-2 result) and eObi2/eMaz (the deck I used for my 5-2 Regional run). On all my playtesting I was feeling really strongly about the Blue-Yellow hero combination. Access to Easy Pickings is not to be taken lightly. I think is the strongest mitigation in the game right now.

In the end I decided to go eYoda/eHondo because I wanted to play something that could consistently pull off Force Wave’s effect, and expecting to face several 3 + character lists. Also I knew there was going to be a strong Sabine presence and I think this has a slightly better matchup than eObi2/eMaz (although the final was really one-sided so maybe I am wrong here) Not like a Sabine has a real counter, that deck is a nightmare for anyone if it rolls hot.

Got ready and arrived at the venue on time and waited for the event to start.

A couple notes on my current build:

  • After a bunch of playtesting I decided to go with 2 X-8 Night Snipers and 1 T-21 Repeating Blaster as my ‘money spending’ options for late game. Not sure about the Repeating Blaster but oh my are the Snipers amazing. Never underestimate the ability to resolve specials (Force Speed included), and then either 2 focus or use the action on the 3 for 1 side for the added damage. It is so powerful!
  • I liked Determination way more than Impulsive. The ability to resolve a 2 focus for 2 damage to kill a character is really unexpected. Also the fact that most times your focus side, enabling better plays. All in all better imo.
  • Of course, Frozen Wastes for the extra mitigation.

Another really young player. I thought this was going to go downhill when he got a Resistance Bomber and resolved the 6 indirect damage on the same turn. However I was able to get a Force Wave and 2 Cunnings setup on my side, and on round 3 I did 3 Force Wave activations to decimate his board. He did not draw enough mitigation and I rolled fire.
WIN 1-0

Here it was! A matchup I practiced for a lot prior to this event. I felt comfortable early on choking resources with Hondo and ramping into 2 Cunnings. On round 3 all went to hell tho. I was facing an empty pool, with my characters all rolled and no mitigation, 2 Cunnings, 2 Yoda dice, 2 Hondo dice. I rerolled 3 times and could only hit disrupts and discards, vs the potential 9 damage on Sabine and extra ramp for the Second Chance I had in hand. He killed Hondo next turn and I could not recover.
LOSS 1-1

This game was against another really good player from the area. Top 8 at the latest Regional if I remember correctly. It was a tight game early on but I got really good rolls and my single Cunning and mitigation draws put on a ton of work, being able to off his Yoda on round 2. Did 9 damage on Hondo on round 3 and he conceded after I put a Second Chance, killing any comeback opportunity.
WIN 2-1

This was a really interesting game. My opponent had lost his battlefield so technically I could have been really strict and got the victory out of a technicality. Talked about it with a judge and I decided to play it on. I was able to get a Cunning and a Force Wave going which carried me to a late, late victory. The key moment was when I used Hidden Motive on his C-3PO die, calling blank correctly, to avoid getting my last 2 cards discarded (deck was empty at that moment), and later on proceeded to resolve specials into speed into X-8 Night SniperSniper 3 for 1. Had a really good conversation with my opponent afterwards. Great guy and hell of a player.
WIN 3-1

Played vs Mr. Lukas himself. Last time we played, during the Regional, he handed me my first loss of the day in what probably was the most devastating loss in all the time I have played this game. Got my 14 HP Obi-Wan Kenobi in turn 1. Oh good memories. In any case, he was playing a deck that I have some experience against since someone in my favorite local store plays that regularly. I was able to get my Force Wave/Cunning shenanigans going and avoid another mill defeat.
WIN 4-1

When I saw I was playing Andrea I had another barrage of good memories haha. On the aforementioned 0-2 Portland Galactic Qualifier run, she gave me my 2nd loss of the day and a really rough introduction to Sabine Wren. This time she was using another deck that I feel I have a lot or practice with/against, and I knew I had decent chances if I was able to avoid the blowout Close Quarters Assaults. The key moment in this match was when I used Easy Pickings on 2 of her resource dice, allowing my Hondo to do enough damage for an early kill on Seventh Sister. She was able to extend the game for a couple more rounds with good use of Force Illusion or Ancient Lightsabers but I was able to get my X-8 Night Snipers to chip away damage and walk away with the victory.
WIN 5-1


  • I am not sure there is going to be a lot of change for the deck based on the cards I have seen so far. Mostly to revisit the mitigation, I am very interested in trying In The Crosshairs since as an alternative against really greedy plays for late game. Also a single Darksaber instead of the T-21 Repeating Blaster to put on Hondo and getting some redeploy options for Yoda – might not be much better here than Vibrocutlass, but it deserves some testing.

Got 16 tickets this time, and with the leftovers from Saturday I had enough for not 1 but 2 more spot glosses, which made me very happy since no more pods were fired after the main event was over. I chose Palpatine and Dr. Aphra this time. Mission accomplished!

As for my progress as a player, even if my final runs were not bad, I feel like I got my losses too early. I need to keep pushing myself to more consistent results, and more solid starts. Outside of that I think my read on the meta was good, I remember very few bad misplays after analyzing my games, and overall I can see an improvement. Another good take is that talking with some of the guys resulted in another attempt of starting a group at a venue closer to where I live, so I can get more practice against really good players, and a serious shot at growing the Star Wars: Destiny community in Seattle.

That is all for this report. As always a shout out to Cascade for organizing the events. There were late starts both days but outside of that the events ran smoothly. And thanks to you for reading. Talk to you next time!

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