Meta Breakdown

The 2018 Store Championship Report, Week 2: The End of Legacies


Welcome everyone to week 2 of the 2018 Store Championship Report. Legacies is now over. In this report we take a look at the Legacies meta one last time before we dive in the deep end next week with a brand new meta. Ladies and Gentlemen, Way of the Force is finally here.

Total Number of Reported Standard Store Championships: 17 (+ 7)
Average Attendance: 18.94 (+2.49)
Total number of Trilogy Store Championships not shown: 1

Store Championship Survey
2018 Road to Store Championship Victory Brackets, 5 results reported
Last Week’s Report, 10 results reported


Semifinalists (1)Finalists (1)Winners (1)

Semifinalists (3)Finalists (2)Winners (2)

Affiliation & Deck Colors:
Semifinalists (2)Finalists (3)Winners (3)

Affiliation & Character Lineup:
Semifinalists (5)Finalists (4)Winners (4)

Affiliation, Character Lineup, & Deck Colors:
Semifinalists (6)Finalists (5)Winners (5)


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