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The 2018 Store Championship Report, Week 1: Begun The Store Championships Has


Welcome everyone to week 1 of the 2018 Store Championship Report. Legacies is on it’s way out, but we still want to present to you this data. Right now it is not too applicable, but it will serve as a guideline for future reports. Without farther ado, let’s dive right in and take a look at the data we have so far.

Total Number of Reported Standard Store Championships: 10
Average Attendance: 16.45
Total number of Trilogy Store Championships not shown: 1

Store Championship Survey
2018 Road to Store Championship Victory Brackets, 5 reported


Top 4Top 2Winners

Top 4 (1)Top 2 (1)Winners (1)


Top 4Top 2 (2).pngWinners

Affiliation & Deck Colors:

Top 4 (2)Top 2 (4)Winners (2)

Affiliation & Character Lineup:Top 4 (3)Top 2 (5)Winners (5)

Affiliation, Character Lineup, & Deck Colors:
Top 4 (4)Top 2 (6)Winners (6)

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