The Rolling Thunder Report, Issue #5 – Why eYoda/eHondo will Win Worlds!

Written by Ray from Jackalmen Games

Special chaining has been the talk of the town since the drop of the Legacies 2 Player Game.  We first saw the benefits of this mechanic in decks like R2P2 (Rey2/Poe2) with Poe Dameron – More Than a Pilot and Poe Dameron’s Blaster dealing 3 damage to your opponent before they could even respond or mitigate.  Being able to “Daisy-chain” your dice all the way down to the result that you desire through dice manipulation has proven to be one of the best strategies in the game.  Using this mechanic has resulted in some outrageous combinations and deck ideas making it nearly impossible for your opponent to interact with your dice due to its high speed into resolve.  Which brings us to the topic at hand. How will anyone beat the eYoda/eHondo deck that has been tearing up the meta.

Statically, this character pairing has won the second highest percentage of Regional events this season coming at 13.5% currently tied with eBoba Fett/eSeventh Sister.  Even with this decks current track record I still do not believe that the deck list has not been fully understood and optimized; placing this deck in a truly deadly position going into Worlds. The reason behind this is that there has been a common theme when it came to Regional events this season from week to week.  If a player introduced a new deck concept or even a few unique cards to a currently established deck, then they were able to capitalize on the element of surprise and in some cases place very high in the standings.  I believe that eYoda/eHondo is in a comparable situation regarding cards that could be placed in this deck that could certainly take some players off-guard and ultimately push this deck to victory.  With that being said let’s look at some of the staple cards that have been consistently played in this deck, so you can get an idea of why this deck is so threatening and why I believe it will win Worlds.

                                                  Yoda - Wizened Master Hondo Ohnaka - Respected Businessman

First let’s take a closer look at the characters and more specifically their die sides. Even though both character dice do not show any damage symbols do not let that fool you as the upgrades played in this deck will certainly provide these characters with the output required to win.  Another point to mention is that since your character dice do not show any damage sides you are not subject to mitigation that require them to remove dice  showing only damage symbols.  This adds another level of protection to your character dice.  If you count the numbers of specials, you can see with both characters at elite this deck provides access to 8 special sides out of 4 dice. Using Yoda to generate shields, resources, mill, and enabling Hondo’s specials is extremely powerful and if not stifled quickly can get out of hand in the late game.



Cunning: This is one of the cards in this deck that furthers your overall agenda of resolving specials. This card gives you the ability to introduce more opportunities of resolving special abilities of your choice by simply resolving Cunning’s special.  This upgrade provides a lot of flexibility when assessing the current game state and what would be the most advantageous move for you to make at that time whether that is damage or utility from Yoda.

Force Wave

Force Wave: This upgrade is a nightmare to deal with for three character decks with the ability to resolve Yoda special gain a resource and then flip this to special and resolve.  This card puts any form of indirect damage to shame as you can select the targets for each amount (3-2-1).  But understand, that if you are playing against a 2 character opponent that last 1 damage will have to go on one of your characters.  Even with the 1 damage having to hit one of your own characters you are still trading 1 damage for 5 on your opponent’s side which is terrific value.  Force Wave becomes even more devastating when you can use Cunning to trigger its special twice in one round.

                                               Second Chance  Force Illusion

Second Chance & Force Illusion: Expect to play some type of combination of these two upgrades in this deck as pilots will have access to the 2 best upgrades to help extend the life of their characters.


Easy Pickings

Easy Pickings: This event is extremely impactful at the right time and can usually remove 2-character dice for the cost of only 1 resource, baring Hondo hasn’t been defeated.


Entangle: Another event that will usually grab 2 dice and most importantly is not prohibited to just removing dice showing damage symbols.  It is never usually a problem to cast this event with a resource cost of 2 as this deck can naturally produce enormous amounts of resources.

Hyperspace Jump - Errata

Hyperspace Jump: Since this deck is looking to special chain faster then your opponent  is able to interact with you a timely jump into the next round is a fantastic way to get ahead on your opponent and maintain that lead into the next round.

After looking at some of the key cards in this deck you should be absolutely convinced this deck will win worlds depending heavily on its pilot.  With the ability to move faster than your opponent through special chaining and resolve large amounts of damage turn after turn your opponent will feel that their back is against the wall the entire game.


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