The Rolling Thunder Report, Issue #1: A Look at eThrawn/eMother

Written by Ray from Jackalmen Games

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     Are you ready to satisfy your unquenchable thirst for speed. Well join me, as we merge into the fast line of today’s Star Wars: Destiny decks and explore the world of Aggro. Competitive trading card games of all kinds have decks that are considered more aggressive and fast paced than others, and Star Wars: Destiny is no exception to this fact. However, the current meta game has turned into a four-lane super highway, where only the fastest and most ruthless decks are able to keep up with the pack! Gone are the days of single action turns where you had to wait before you could resolve your dice. The current meta is saturated with aggressive decks that aim to push out as much damage as possible in the shortest amount of time. These beloved characters could been featured in their own Fast and the Furious movie, leaping passed their competition at every turn. As you look at the results of Regional tournaments throughout the country we see that these aggressive decks are winning more consistently than ever before. Spearheading this movement are characters like Sabine, Boba Fett, Captain Phasma – Ruthless Tactician, and of course Seventh Sister. These decks are designed to out pace your opponent, essentially removing their ability to respond to your actions. Cards like Tactical Mastery, Force Speed, Fast Hands, Bait and Switch, and Quick Draw have sped up game play substantially and have become a staple cards in many decks in the current meta. The objective is simple, string together as many additional actions as possible to give yourself a lighting fast advantage over your opponent. As a result many other deck just aren’t able to keep up with the current meta making this the golden-age for aggro style decks. As a certain play style pushes its way to the top many players are forced to look into ways to combat this growing trend. Looking at cards like “No Cheating” and “Rend” as viable options to help slow down the overall pace of these decks.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the best answer to help slow down these aggro decks and reduce their turns to nothing more a bunch of wasted actions. Thrawn and Mother Talzin are slowly raising as the control deck to stop it all. Thrawn’s ability to rip key cards from aggro players hand during each activation really pumps the brakes on each round of play. Removing cards like “Leadership” and “The Price of Failure” from a Seventh Sister BROTK (eSeventhSister/Ciena/Nightsister deck is devastating to their overall speed and productivity. The same goes for cards like “Never Tell me the Odds” found in eSabine/eEzra decks. This ability not only allows you to force your opponent to discard a card from their hand, but it also give you the knowledge of seeing the rest of the cards in their hand so you can better plan for the rest of the round. Pairing Thrawn with Mother Talzin creates a level of consistency that many SW:D players are finding is more valuable than speed. This deck uses the focus symbols on their characters’ dice along with Mother Talzin’s activation ability to manipulate their rolls, allow them to push out damage or generate resources every round. All this money will be used on powerful upgrades like Riot Control Baton, Force Wave, and Heirloom Lightsabers. In addition, copies of Raise Again and Snare slow down your opponents overall productivity making this deck a perfect answer to aggro style decks. However, I must warn you as consistent as this deck can be the learning curve to pilot this deck is extremely high. Be sure to do as much play testing as you can as this deck requires a skilled player to pilot to victory. You must know when to take resources and when to focus your dice into damage. You must be aware of the key cards in your opponents deck, so you are giving yourself the best opportunity when using Thrawn’s ability. This deck aims to be three steps ahead of your opponent and requires the pilot to make the correct decisions for this deck work.   If you think you can handle this strategic masterpiece of a deck, be sure to check out my full deck list below.

Deck Affiliation – Villain
Format – Standard

Character (29 points, 4 dice):
eMother Talzin – Nightsister Matriarchy
eThrawn – Master Strategist

Ewok Village

Upgrades (14 cards, 12 dice):
Crystal Ball
DH-17 Blaster Pistol x2
Force Illusion x2
Force Wave x2
Heirloom Lightsaber x2
Imperial Discipline x2
Rocket Launcher
Z6 Riot Control Baton x2

Event (16 cards):
Feel Your Anger x2
Overconfidence x2
Rise Again x2
Spell of Removal
Tactical Mastery x2
The Best Defense… x2
Three Steps Ahead
Witch Magick x2

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