To Mill or Not to Mill, Chapter 3: Trilogy Edition

Written By Matthew Willaims

So, I just couldn’t help myself. I’ve been researching the Trilogy format heavily, as I hope to attend Galactic Quantifiers in the near future in the current meta.  I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t try and make a mill deck work. So let’s look at the field.

Gone: Jabba, Unkar, Thrawn, Darth Vader – Sith Lord, and every other villain mill character of note. Additionally, we lose Rieekan and other ancillary hero millers.

Still in format? Two thirds of the best mill deck going, which is Yoda/Rieekan/Jedha.

So how should we replace Rieekan and his 12 points? Well, first we need to address if we need Red anymore. We lose C-3PO, Air Superiority, Scout, All Quiet on the Front, Entrenched, Field Medic and a few other cards. We gain………. Mend? I’m at a loss for what we gain in Red from Legacies.

So, I am comfortable forging ahead without Red. We definitely need Yoda and Jedha, which starts at 18 points. Our options are making Yoda elite (+3), adding another Partisan (+8) or adding Jar Jar (7/9). Additionally, Saw’s special has you discard a card from their hand and does indirect damage (ID). That’s double duty because they drop a card and Jedha will mill another because of the indirect. However, Saw only has one special side, but at least has two ID sides which gives you a 50% chance for mill. Still, that’s only if Jedha is alive. With Jedha dead, you have a 16.7% chance to discard one card. Not super great for 12 points in this deck

Possible lineups:
eYoda/Jedha/Jedha (29 points)
eYoda/eJarJar/Jedha (30 points) [I like the first better, but this gives you one more die for Vandalize]
Yoda/Jedha/Saw (30 points)

Here’s the deck:

Characters (29 points, 4 Dice):
eYoda – Wizened Master
Jedha Partisan
Jedha Partisan

Plot (1 point):
Espionage  *Maybe. Every time I fall for this card, I end up losing something important to me)

Imperial Palace (Discard a card from their hand)

Upgrades (6 cards, 6 dice):
Bartering x2
Force Meditation x2
Rougish Charm x2

Supports (6 cards, 2 dice):
Bespin Wing Guard x2
R2-D2 x2
Scrap Heap x2

Events -Non-Removal (8 cards):
Dangerous Maneuver x2
Invigorate x2
Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder x2
Vandalize x2

Events -Removal (10 cards):
Easy Pickings x2
Entangle x2
Flank x2
Into the Garbage Chute x2

Card Breakdown

So Force Meditation is something you want to have in your opening hand. Most people will target Yoda first, and you need him in order to play this card. Playing it on one of your Jedha’s first turn is a great start. Even better is putting down a barter, having Yoda special chain into extra resources, and then also playing the Force Meditation. Every die in this deck has a discard side, except Force Meditation and R2, so using Bartering to up their card count and then discarding them is great.

Rougish Charm does multiple things but it’s best used with it’s special to remove their dice and get resources for it. It’s a great upgrade in this deck and it can keep you alive longer.

R2-D2 could be a 1 or 2 count here. You want him for consistency, and the card draw doesn’t hurt. The deck can function without him but it gives you an extra out to Yoda’s special. Scrap Heap is crucial for resource generation. Most of your removal costs resources so this will get you in a better position. Additionally, Bespin Wing Guard costs money to activate so Scrap Heap helps there too.

Vandalize is a no-brainer inclusion. It’s utility is enough to make me consider eJarJar over the second Jedha. For non-removal, there are very few healing choices. Dangerous Maneuver helps you spread damage around, and Invigorate is nice before Yoda bites the dust. There aren’t many event cards that move our strategy forward in Trilogy right now. The best is Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder (SLNH), and it’s name is just plain fun. Lightsaber Pull is a consistency engine for a lot of decks and SLNH just wrecks this plan.

For removal, we have a lot of options. I don’t find us having shields very often, so Unbreakable is less useful here than in the non-Trilogy variant. The Force is With Me is a meta call, but melee is still everywhere, even in Trilogy, and this card can’t remove melee. We thankfully get three, two-dice removal cards. Easy Pickings, Entangle, and Into the Garbage Chute all have their detractions, but ultimately, they all put in good work dumping dice.

Aside from that, Flank is a staple, Outnumber is good early, though more Trilogy decks are running three characters, so it may need to be pulled in favor of another Mislead.

For better or worse, this deck list writes itself. Trilogy is so limited that my list of mill cards was pretty simple to write down. That doesn’t make this less powerful. It has performed well against many trilogy decks, and it is a lot of fun to play. I suggest testing it out and seeing how it fits your playstyle.

So that should really end the mill series until the next set, unless I discover some actually playable villain Trilogy mill deck. Let me know if you’d like to see anything else analyzed for mill, and thanks for reading the series.

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