The Golden Report – A Weekly Tournament Report Series, Issue #3

Written by Jack of The Golden Dice Podcast

February 12th’s Tournament Report

Another week another tournament. With how quickly the meta seems to be changing each week, that means that there are many viable decks in a rock, paper, scissors meta. With that comes a lot of stress of what to run if you want to competitive. I felt the best way for me to try and decide what deck I not only enjoy running, but gives me the best odds at winning, was to start trying them all! The first week of this series I ran eAayla/Rey/Wookiee then I ran ePoe2/eHondo and this week I decided to try eKylo2/eTalzin that popped up a bit. I am normally a hero player but I love Kylo in the new movies and Talzin seems like such a flavorful card, so I decided to try it.

It seems like a standard deck, which should fall around 26 odd costed cards if you wanted to build around Talzin’s ability. It was simple enough to build, but I wanted to try a tested deck. I ended up trying out Tiny Grime’s edition of the deck that he piloted to fourth in the San Diego Regional going 6-2. Here is what I ended up  bringing:

CHARACTERS (29 points, 4 dice):
eKylo Ren – Tormented One
eMother Talzin – Nightsister Matriarch

Ewok Village

UPGRADES (16 cards, 14 dices):
Crystal Ball x2
Dark Counsel x2
Force Illusion x2
Force Push x2
Force Rend x2
Force Throw x2
Heirloom Lightsaber x2
Sith Holocron x2

SUPPORTS (2 cards):
It Binds All Things x2

EVENTS (12 cards):
Feel Your Anger x2
Isolation x2
Overconfidence x2
Rise Again x2
Spell of Removal x2
Witch Magick x2

My only change from his list was dropping two Kylo Ren’s Starfighter for two Heirlooms, which was something he might’ve done after playing with it all weekend. Going into I was nervous how I was going to handle the resource situation with all but two of my cards costing 1 or 3, I was either going to play an upgrade or mitigate but not both.

First Round: eZeb/eRey:
First round I was just happy to not see a rainbow colored deck but it is still a rough pairing knowing that they probably have at least 6 Grey upgrades with Holdout Blasters, Vibroknifes and Hidden Blasters. I probably started out ahead hitting some quick damage but things started to turn quickly in his favor. He did end up playing a Maz’s Vault which helped me a lot also since I am tight on resources. Still with him playing both Cautions in the first two rounds and both Force Illusions, by the time I finally killed Rey he had put a hurting on me while slowing my damage output with two Hyperspace Jumps. Ended up being a loaded up Zeb vs a half dead Kylo. I was able to Witch Magick twice to recover 6 health, which was awesome, but I still wasn’t able to get the rolls I needed and he was able to close out.
LOSS 0-1

Second Round: eLuke2/eFinn2
I had played against this deck last week so I knew the general strategy, roll out, resolve, and claim for Planetary Damage. His main damage source I was able to split up and his deck was mostly Red which let Kylo shine a bit more. Crystal Ball came into play greatly here as I was able to see he had a Defensive Position on the top of his deck and I could play Spell of Removal on his 3 indirect, while he had a +3 indirect from the Auto Cannon showing. I felt pretty confident in this matchup mainly because he went for Kylo first. After playing a game with the deck I felt that Talzin was more the engine and if I kept her alive most of the game, I would be able to win. Maybe if you are a mono-colored deck you go for Kylo first but in this meta everyone is dual or rainbow colored. Nothing too crazy to report, burned Luke down very fast to leave Finn and his +2 range to himself and I was able to wrap it up.
WIN 1-1

Third Round: eAayla/Padawan/Padawan
I couldn’t ask for a better match really. It was his first time playing against Kylo2 and when I rolled him and say what I got to do, you could see his expression drop as if he accepted defeat already. First round I killed a Padawan, second round I killed the other but then took me a bit to close out against Aayla as I hit Sound The Alarm twice… Overall Kylo did what Kylo does against mono-colored decks, especially ones that need a bit of setup to get mileage out of the Padawan’s ability. He played a Handcrafted Lightbow turn one but all that did was helped me decide which Padawan to go for.
WIN 2-1

Fourth Round: eAayla/eRose/Ezra
I went from a fantastic matchup to an awful one. This is not only a rainbow deck but a deck that uses a lot of Grey with Flank, Into the Garbage Chute, T-47 Airspeeders, and Modified HWK-290s. I know that Kylo was never going to be able to get his ability off and I didn’t. I felt entirely helpless this whole game as Ezra was always able to disrupt or steal a resource from me each round. With that happening I couldn’t play big upgrades and could only get a Crystal Ball down and Force Rend through a Holocron, it’s special seemed tempting to resolve but I could never afford it for anything. It was a pretty tough game for me to squeak through damage, I ended up killing Ezra and putting 5 damage on Rose before he took out both of my characters. Out of everything I have played against this felt like the toughest matchup not just because of the rainbow but because of the resource disruption that was happening with Ezra also. This deck needs money.
LOSS 2-2

Overall it felt like a strong deck and could really blow certain decks out like the mono Blue or Finn2/Luke2 but struggled a lot against the Hero vehicles deck, and I assume it would against 5 die villain decks. I would be a bit nervous bringing it to a Regional myself simple because of its bad matchups feeling really bad but obviously if you can learn the deck very well like Tiny it can perform. I ended up at 28 odd cost cards, I think I would try to make room for at least two Doubts to give me two cards that are free mitigation. That could at least give me a turn or two where I could play a weapon or upgrade and still have at least one card for removal. Either way I got two packs for prize support and pulled my fourth Yoda so I can’t complain.

Talzin is definitely a fun character and I look forward to exploring her more, specifically with Thrawn 😉 If you haven’t had a chance yet come check out my podcast, Golden Dice Podcast, where we record an episode every week as we talk through our Regionals journey. This past week my co-host Tommy was at Boonton so join us as he recaps his experience and we will also be joined by Rebel Grey so it will be an awesome episode! Cya next week.

2 thoughts on “The Golden Report – A Weekly Tournament Report Series, Issue #3”

  1. I think the Kylo2/Talzin deck has vast potential. It did place 2nd at the San Diego Regional after all. I might make a couple suggestions on your decklist though. First I would change the battlefield to Outer Rim Outpost. This will help keep resource options open and it grants an extra card. I know the point is to have all odd costing cards for Talzin’s ability as well as Witch Magick and Spell of Removal. There are 2 cards I would make an exception with; No Mercy and The Price of Failure. The later turns Talzin (which everyone targets first) into a re-ready hail Mary for Kylo and his ability. Also I might think about adding Canto Bight Pistol.


    1. I really like those ideas! Of course I only played these four games with it so it was just my quick impression (I have a hero bias anyways…). It did feel like it had potential but wasn’t just there. I will have to try out your suggestions and see how it works out. No Mercy sound like a really good call with almost no grey cards in the deck. Congrats on your second place finish!


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