Special Chaining Paradise Deck Review – A Look at eYoda/eZeb

Written by Matthew Williams

Besides earning my ire forever and always, the R2P2(eRey2/Poe2) swarm of monotony that has hit the game has taught me one very important lesson: shields suck. In this new meta, shields have been given a number of new toys (like Ataru Strike) and every deck needs to find a way to deal with them. I still feel my go to decks for this meta will be mill decks, because they don’t care about shields at all. However, any damage deck has to have a plan. My three mill decks still need tuning and I had my first Legacies tournament this weekend so I tried out a few decks. My wife enjoyed my Battle Droids deck so I gave it to her and I piloted eZeb/eYoda to a 4-0 1st place win at my locals and I wanted to share some of my takeaways on Legacies with you.

The Deck:
Characters (30 points, 4 dice):
eZeb – The Last Lasat
eYoda – Wizened Master

Emperor’s Throne Room

Upgrades (16 Cards, 12 Dice):
BD-1 Cutter Vibro-Ax x2
Force Illusion x2
Force Throw x2
Force Speed x2
Handcrafted Light Bow
Rey’s Staff x2
Second Chance x2
Vibrocutlass x2
Zeb Orrelios’ Bo-Rifle


Events (14 cards):
Easy Pickings x2
Loth-Cat and Mouse x2
Negotiate x2
Truce x2
Well Connected x2

I know eYoda/ePoe2 is essentially the same as R2P2 and is likely to see a lot of copycat play. However, I felt Zeb was a better match as I believe Yellow offers more damage output than Red. When you dedicate half of your deck to a support character, even an amazing support character like Yoda, you need the other half of the deck to put out serious damage quickly.

The deck is mostly a melee deck but it has a splash of ranged, with Light Bow, Zeb’s Bo Rifle, and one side of Force Throw. However, Zeb’s dice can be both ranged or melee, and Zeb’s Bo Rifle can resolve itself for one resource. Therefore, the mixed damage never really came to be a problem.

Other than the two characters, just shy of one-third of the deck are Legacies cards, and I think they make this deck a complete threat.

Upgrade Classes:
Longevity: Being in Yellow/Blue allows me to run two copies of Force Illusion and Second Chance which provides a ton of staying power.

Shield Slayers: BD-1 Cutter Vibro Ax and the Hand Crafted Light Bow both allow you to cut through any number of shields, making them crucial mulligan targets in shield heavy matchups.

Big Damage: Zeb’s Bo-Rifle offers four damage sides, much like Maul’s Saber. In less shield intensive matchups, it’s a heavy hitter. However, I had no clue how much I would love Vibrocutlass. Not having to pay for resolves when it is on Zeb is amazing. And then it redeploys over to Yoda? Yes, please! I know it’s heavy resources at 4 but this deck has no issues with resources, even early.

Force Speed: Some love it, some hate it. I feel having the two actions to focus then resolve is important, so I keep them in.

Removal/Damage Mix: I run 10 removal events in my decklist. However, two Force Throws and two Rey’s Staff also act as some pretty phenomenal removal when need be. Rey’s Staff has decent enough sides for a two cost upgrade as well. Leaving one of these dice in the pool and then claiming Emperor’s Throne Room for a removal or Force Throw is a great play.

Event Classes:
Resources: Yoda loves to get resources, but sometimes it’s nice to grab some shields too. Truce and Well Connected each have a boon to the opponent but can be very strong plays at certain points in the round. Both allow you a turn one Force Throw on Yoda and I love Truce’s ability to surprise resolve one of Zeb’s pay dice. I’ve had multiple occasions where Truce has totally thrown off my opponent because they didn’t think I could resolve dice.

Removal: The last ten cards are removal. I split the difference with Mislead and Electroshock to ensure that I had an option if Zeb tanked early. Loth Cat and Mouse and Negotiate come at the expense of one of your dice but, in Hero Blue/Yellow, there aren’t many better removal options. A one-of Disarm is there do get rid of any major upgrade, considering most of the dice have a 3 or 4 side.

Easy Pickings is a great anti-Tarkin card. It’s not perfect, because the two dice have to match symbols and value (but not modifiers or resource cost). But for one resource, removing two dice has never been so much fun. Entangle is another two dice removal, but this time for two resources. Still, Legacies added some interesting removal options and this deck has no problem throwing a wrench in their game plan.

Final Thoughts:
This deck is extremely consistent. I don’t think I’ve ever piloted a deck where I felt like nearly every first hand draw was almost decent enough to keep. Mulligans are usually very focused and the resource generation/damage output is constant. I suggest giving the deck a spin. If you have any major changes, leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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