The Weapon of a Jedi: Chapter 1, Part 2

Written by JediGeekGirl

Ranking the Lightsabers in Star Wars: Destiny Part 2 – The Bogan

Welcome to my next entry into the The Weapon of a Jedi series. In this one we are going to be looking at the lightsabers on the Villain side of the game. This side has access to more lightsabers then the Hero side, but is it a solid line-up? Embrace the dark side and let’s dive in.

1. Maul’s Lightsaber
Maul_s Lightsaber
+4 Damage sides
+Strong Power Action
+You don’t have to activate attached character to put the die in the pool
+You are getting more then one resolution value out of the die
+Power action isn’t hard to get off

-3 sides are basically blank without another melee damage in the pool
-May have trouble getting off Power Action, if you do not keep the pressure on
-Really vulnerable to cards that target melee

Legacies does lightsabers right with this strong strong lightsaber for Villains. Maul’s lightsaber can do between 4 to 8 damage a turn without another card effect on its own merits. In a deck with heavy melee sides, along with the proper shield hate cards, you should have no problem achieving this card pertential. I would call it a Blue Villain staple if you are focusing on melee damage. This Lightsaber is amazing.

2. Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber
Kylo Ren_s Lightsaber
+Special that can keep the die in the pool
+Consistent damage that doesn’t rely on one type of damage
+Built in shield hate
+Each non-blank side is a swing side

-No resource side
-Special for 2 without a reroll seems like a waste
-Cost side
-No redeploy

An “oldie” but still a “goodie”. I personally think this card stands up to the other Villain lightsaber cards. It is a beat stick for damage and even has built in shield hate. It still has great value for it’s cost but doesn’t quite cut it for its cost. If it had redeploy I could see it seeing more play over other options available.

3. Crossguard Lightsaber
Crossguard Lightsaber
+Not unique
+No character restrictions
+Character bonus
+Special has a bonus based on shields
+Free damage
+Affordable cost

-Damage is underwhelming
-Special bonus can feel bad against heavy shields
-No redeploy
-Die isn’t consistent on the damage
-For its cost is bad on none Kylo characters

I know what you are going to say “Why is this card so high if it is so bad”. Truth be told, the positives are enough in theory to boast it up for its cost. Yes, there are better cards to drop for its cost-ratio, but I feel like this card best role is to be a stepping stone. Get your damage in, resolve the die, and/or overwrite it. That is why this card is so high. A fun inclusion in Kylo decks, but not much outside of that. Kind of sad.

4. Grand Inquisitor’s Lightsaber
Grand Inquisitor's Lightsaber
+High value sides
+Special that disrupts and rerolls
+A 3 damage side with no draw back
+Synchronistic special

-High cost
-Situational special that doesn’t do damage
-No redeploy

For 4 cost, a card has to be really good to see play. While I do think this card is really really solid, it is missing a few things to bump it up. I feel like this is one of those “X.5” cards where they could ether go up on or down on and they decided to bump the cost up. This card needed to be 3 cost or have redeploy to really be good.

5. Lightsaber Pike
Lightsaber Pike
+3 damage reasonable damage sides
+Die is never dead due to ability
+No character restriction

-Damage sides are not good enough
-High modified side has a cost
-No Redeploy

“The forgotten Lightsaber” is the best name for this card. It’s not “bad”, but it is outclassed by every other lightsaber. The same things I said about the Grand Inquisitor’s Lightsaber can be said here. A cool card, but you have way better options.

Villains have some really strong lightsabers, but are held back by their cost and not having enough benefits outside of their high damage. They have to compete with the “Sith Holocron” package, economy for stronger effects, and cards that have better economic value. They have potential that is waiting to be tapped into.

Those are the Villain lightsabers. This list is a bit longer, but hopefully it hit more points as this series evolves. What do you think, do you agree? What is your list? Feel free to drop your list and comments below and we will catch you next time for a look at the Neutral lightsabers.

May the Force be with you

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