The Weapon of a Jedi: Chapter 1, Part 1

Written by JediGeekGirl

Ranking the Lightsabers in Star Wars: Destiny Part 1 – The Ashla

Before I get started I would like to send a huge shout out Duncan. Duncan reached out to me after I posted my last article to share with me how he much enjoyed the topic that I covered and my approach. He is the one to suggest this topic and for it to be covered in a future piece of content in the same manner as my last article. I thought about it and the more I did, the more I got excited about doing it. This is why I will be introducing a new series of articles called “The Weapon of a Jedi”. This series of articles main task will be to rank all of the lightsaber weapon cards in Star Wars: Destiny. I have 3 chapters of this series outlined, but it will be a continuing series of articles that may grow beyond its intended purpose. Without further ado, let’s dive into this series with Chapter 1 Part 1.

1. Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Lightsaber
Obi-Wan Kenobi's Lightsaber
+Sides are good swings in your favor
+Special can be chained into for higher damage
+Works really well with Synchronicity
+Unblockable damage
+Die values are REALLY solid

-No Redeploy
-Special can at times only hit one
-Not every character wants to see those shields
-only 2 Melee damage sides

It should come to no surprise that Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Lightsaber is the best Hero lightsaber. I don’t know if I would call it a stable for Blue Hero decks, but I do think it should be considered in most Blue Hero decks. Yes the sides are REALLY good, but not everyone works well with this card. In some cases you are better off picking a different lightsaber, but taking this one in those situations isn’t a terrible choice.

2. Rey’s Lightsaber
Rey_s Lightsaber
+Shield(s) just by playing it
+3 Melee damage sides
+Character bonus
+Isn’t Blue character only

-1 Melee damage cost side
-All sides doing damage can be blown out by removal that target that die side
-Using the resource on this die feels bad

Rey’s Lightsaber is deserving of its number two spot. It has a lot going for it and is a lot more flexible than some of the other lightsabers. You can throw it into any deck that is forcing on melee damage and it will work really well. Even if melee isn’t your main focus, the instinct shield(s), no character restriction, and Redeploy are almost must include meits on their own. This lightsaber is the one that I would call the “default” for Hero decks, not including neutral lightsabers of course.

3. Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber
Luke Skywalker_s Lightsaber
+Flexible special
+High melee damage sides
+Unblockable damage
+2 Shields on your single shield side is good

-You are never going to take the shields special
-Does not compete with other Hero lightsabers
-Melee damage sides are not free (a cost side and a modified side)
-No redeploy
-Overpriced for what you are getting

Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber is one of those cards that you want to play, but unfortunately it is not worth playing with. The other lightsabers are just plain better. If it had Redeploy I could see the case being made for it seeing play, but without it, it is an overpriced upgrade that is outmatched in every category. Sorry Luke, you got the short end of the stick.

Hero lightsabers are really solid. They give you purpose in playing them even with some of the competition they have to face. You really can’t go wrong outside of Luke’s.

Those are the Hero lightsabers. It is a small list, but a good entry point into the series. What do you think, do you agree? What is your list? Feel free to drop your list and comments below and we will catch you next time for a look at the Villain lightsabers.

May the Force be with you

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