JediGeekGirl’s Top 5 Favorite Cards of Rivals

Written by JediGeekGirl

Welcome everyone to my debut article on I was thinking about what to write about, and I came to the conclusion that I love doing lists. I love coming up with them, putting things in order, and creating points of discussions. They are also quick and simple to put together, which means I can get them out there faster for you all to read. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, starting with my top 5 favorite cards from the Rivals draft pack.

Rivals is here…..kind of. It was released in a limited wave and can be played with on Tabletop Simulator, though hopefully it will be available to everyone soon. It contains 20 different cards for limited and constructed play. Instead of going with a top 10 like I would with a larger set, I am going to instead look at my top 5 favorite cards. These are my own personal favorites and will not be held to any set standard.

Hidden Motive
0 Cost dice control is something that always earns a look at, especially if it removes a die. Doubt is one of the best removal cards in the game for a reason and Hidden Motive follows that mold, possibly even surpassing it. It does not guarantee that you will remove a die, but it does guarantee that you will get your opponent off of the side you want them off of. Great for disrupting your opponent and not worrying about a high drawback to yourself. As more dice become more consistent, the stronger this card will become. It is my opinion, that this card will be a staple in Blue decks due to its high upsides, high floor, low drawbacks, and consistent disruption. It also has the added benefit of not having any requirement to spot a Blue character, making it splashable in multi color decks running Blue. I am a huge fan of this card and I praise it highly in every single format.

Jawa Scavenger
Jawa Scavenger
What is not to love about this card? This card brings so much to the game from a design aspect. 6 cost, Neutral, Gray, and Non-unique, this guy can go any and every where. While this card is not going to take the constructed format by storm, it is going to see a lot of play in limited. What I love about this guy is how splashable he is, and the idea of a Gray Neutral deck with 5 of these guys. It may be a bad idea for a deck, but it is there and it is fun. I am looking forward to getting more of these guys and perhaps even having a full Jawa team with different Jawas someday.

0 cost cards are always something to look at. They may not always be good, but to get something for 0 Resources is worth a consideration. Tinker to me is not of those cards that people will champion due to better cards being out there, but is one that is good to have in your limited format games. It is flexible and allows you to focus to anything you need to for no investment. It is limited to a side with a 1 value, but it still can open doors. I don’t know why you wouldn’t run this in a limited deck with Yellow. Constructed though, I would pass.

Crafted Lightsaber
Crafted Lightsaber
Wow, the die sides on this card are fantastic. As a Blue player, this card speaks to me. It has better die sides then Ancient Lightsaber and can be played in any deck running Blue. The only drawback is its effect, though it is a really really fair one. I am hoping that there will be a way around this someday, but until then this is one of those cards that will be on the line for me in the Standard format. In Trilogy and Limited, I see it being played by myself and others. It is a very solid card and can be argued to be one of the best in Rivals.

This card is fun. It’s not going to be a staple, but is definitely going to see considerations in constructed play. In Limited where you are going to have a higher chance of people having the same characters, why not always include it? The only way I do not see it being included, is if you have no Rivals characters on your team. It is a 0 cost die fixer and helps you get to that 30 card total. I can not help but feel like this card gets overlooked by others, though I do not blame them.

Those are my top 5 favorite cards from Rivals. What did you think? Please feel free to leave a comment down believe and feel free to share your top 5 as well.

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