The Art of Drafting: Chapter 1, Part 2

Dissecting the Rivals Set Part 2 – The Colors

Written by Kamper_SWDHK

In the Rivals set, each colored character brings with them 2 colored cards. The quality of these cards should be considered part of the character when you begin to formulate your game plan Pack 1 Round 1 (P1R1).

Hidden Motive 0 COST EVENT
Choose a symbol. Then reroll an opponent’s die. If that die just rolled the chosen symbol, remove it.

Free removals are GREAT in drafts because chaining damage is incredibly hard in a draft environment.

Crafted Lightsaber 2 COST UPGRADE
Play only on an exhausted character.

This is reverse FN-2199. A horrible card in a vacuum, yet better than nothing in drafts. Unless you have FN-2199, by the time you resolve it for the first time, the weapon you forgo equipping could have also been resolved TWICE.

The takeaway:
Great removal, lame weapon.

Targeting Computer 1 COST EVENT
Turn a support or upgrade die to any side.

This is an excellent card because there are very few character dice worth mitigating in drafts. You can fix your own dice as well. This is a Use the Force, and in drafts, it is good enough to be played in every deck. And if this is not worth a spot you must have outdrafted your table by a mile and a half.

Fang Fighter 3 COST SUPPORT

Ambush is very relevant in drafts, and Fang Fighter is:
A support. Supports are in general better than upgrades in drafts.
Cheap for what it is. ⅓ chance of rolling 2+ damage that can be resolved for free.
Discard side is extremely relevant in drafts.
The best card in the Rivals set (in the draft environment).

The takeaway:
Flexible removal, fantastic support.

Turn one of your dice to a side showing a value of 1.

It is mainly used to turn Lobot into 1 focus. It is relevant when you need that discard 1 or X damage 1. Is it amazing? Not at all. Is it playable in almost every draft deck? Yes.

Verpine Sniper Rifle 2 COST UPGRADE
Special: Deal 2 unblockable damage to a character.

It looks good on paper with three damage-sides all dealing 2 damage, and it is indeed compelling. In a limited environment like Trilogy, this card is constructed-relevant. In drafts, however, the 2/1r side is hard to resolve, and base-side is hard to come by. Not having redeploy and its being an upgrade hurt a bit as well. With that in mind, this is still the second most powerful card in the Rivals set (in the draft environment), and it makes Yellow very desirable. Auto-include in every draft deck.

The takeaway:
Reasonable die-fixing and a useful weapon. The special is especially good.

Resourceful 0 COST EVENT
Spot a Gray character and remove one of your dice to gain 1 resource.

Auto-include if you have Jawa Scavenger in your team and it needs no explanation. 1 card + 1 die => 1 resource might be weak in constructed, but in drafts, sign me up.

The takeaway:
A very playable event.

TL;DR for part 2:
Lobot is an impactful character who allows access to two of the more powerful cards in the Rivals set. Ketsu has a good die herself and the weapon she offers you can win games in drafts. Anakin’s die is hard to resolve, and the saber he gives you leaves much to be desired.

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